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One would think: what new I can learn about Viagra. Everybody knows that this is a remedy for impotence that initially was developed as a treatment of angina. The marvelous side effect was discovered during the tests, and since that time the blue pills have saved a lot of men from loneliness. But hardly any patient is interested in the formula of this drug and the way it acts.

First of all in order to understand the working principle of Viagra, we should speak of the male sexual disorder as a medical problem. Under the favorable environment, when a man is sexually stimulated, his body gets prepared for sex and there are changes with his penis known as erection. The final stage of sexual arousal leading to certain physiological changes depends on different factors including the proper petting of erogenous zones. If a man has desire and is stimulated enough, but feels the lack of sexual arousal persistently, it is time to turn to a doctor. The physician will establish a diagnosis, considering the mental and physiological reasons. There is a range of diseases, which can cause impotence and must be excluded, namely diabetes, heart problems, obesity and some others. Those men, who suffer from weak immune resistance, stresses, polluted environment are at risk as well.

The impotence usually occurs with men who are on the shady side of forty. Over recent years this male dysfunction has become younger striking the patients of even 20 years old. That is why Viagra UK is the most popular medicine among the drugs with a familiar action, because it is officially certified by the FDA and proved by time. This drug restores the ability to be aroused and leads to a steady erection. It will work within 5 hours showing the perfect effect at any minute of this period. But a patient should remember that it does not offer abolition of disease, it just launches a process very close to a natural way of arousal causing the erection.

The marked peculiarity of the remedy is the way of its administration. The pill should be taken prior to every sexual intercourse losing its power, when the effect time is running out. This action period depends on the male organism and his ability to be aroused that it why it can differ a little bit from the defined quantity of hours. Still this medicine is extremely reliable. You can take it and be sure of the best result ever! Taking into account a rather high price of the brand pills existing in the market there is a generic Viagra with more affordable cost. This version contains the same active component, Sildenafil Citrate that is why it acts without any fail. What is the difference between them? The answer is rather simple: the reduced costs allow declaring a lower price. This economy is accounted for simpler production procedures. The company-manufacture cancels of marketing program and testing but use the same formula with the safe ingredients. It is easy to buy Viagra of this form at an online pharmacy without any prescription. You spend only a few minutes and get the remedy delivered just to your address!

Unfortunately this medicine is hardly included in your benefits package according to your contract with and insurance company, so you will have to pay it yourself. This is another pro argument why the generic product is more convenient. Besides, Viagra online can be offered with various special discounts and profitable terms. You will save money and get out of going through awkward procedure when a doctor is visited for a prescription.

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